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Balancing the critical factors of time, quality, and cost to give your customers the best in goods and services isn't easy. 

If you had one thing that you would like to change about how your business works, what would it be?

Do you want to respond to customers more effectively?
Increase customer satisfaction?
Track payments and delivery more efficiently?
Stop customer late payments?
Does critical information sometimes get lost or mis-filed?

Let Ashford Global Systems be your expert for curing your operational headaches.

Our consultants use what we call  the L2T1 method - Listen twice as much as you talk.  It's more important for us to understand your needs and goals, than to talk about ours. 

Finding the best solution often means together we need to evaluate two or three options to see what will work best in your organization.

Often we help departments understand each others needs, and reduce contention to break up bottle-necks ease communication.  Then we use various tools like cause-and-effect diagrams, process maps ot evaluate possible solutions to present for review and approval.


Inventory issues, customer information cleanup, getting the best price for resources, customer order tracking and fulfillment, shipping, even internal business dynamics - we help you solve the problems that are costing you dollars.  Not a "one - answer -fits -all" solution, but one that fits with your goals and objectives.

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